Biomethane: we start with investments

Giovedì, 26 Novembre 2015
Marco Pezzaglia
The publication of the company GSE will achieve a first real and proper practical action of the DM 5 December 2013. It talks about the implementing procedures for the production plants of biomethane and, in particular, a part is specifically dedicated to the request and release of incentives for the biomethane transported by the extra grid modality.

Biomethane? CIB Service helps companies

Mercoledì, 25 Novembre 2015
From the growing demand from manufacturers to receive special technical assistance and consulting services on the supply chain of biogas and biomethane, in 2014 born CIB Service Srl, a service company of the Italian Biogas Consortium.

Articles of Special "Biomethane, the investments will start"

IRENA and DTU Launch World’s Most Detailed Wind Resource Data

Giovedì, 29 Ottobre 2015
Global Wind Atlas provides accurate wind resource data down to the kilometre, boosting support for global wind energy development.

Global wind market for 2015 expected to reach 59 GW

Mercoledì, 28 Ottobre 2015
FTI Consulting has revised its forecasts. Wind market will march towards its second consecutive record year with new installations reaching 59 GW in 2015, compared to 52 GW installed in 2014.

FTI Intelligence has raised its forecasts for the global wind market, which is headed for a second consecutive record year in 2015. New installations globally in 2015 are expected to reach 59GW, compared to the 52GW installed in 2014.

Moody's: Renewable regulatory risk among EU countries varies; investors in Spain and Italy most exposed

Martedì, 6 Ottobre 2015
Investors in European renewable energy projects face the greatest regulatory risk in Spain, followed by Italy. In contrast, France, Germany and the UK have strong regulatory frameworks, and are unlikely to impose large-scale changes to subsidy regimes that might affect existing assets, says Moody's Investors Service in a report published today.

Renewable Integration to Drive an $8.3 billion Grid-Connected Battery Storage Market by 2024

Venerdì, 18 Settembre 2015
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Global Utility Scale, Grid-Connected Battery Energy Storage System Markets, finds that the market earned revenues of $0.46 billion in 2014 and estimates this to reach $8.30 billion in 2024. Lithium-ion batteries are expected to be the leading technology for grid-connected, utility scale systems over the next two to three years.

Heating with the sun, Fraunhofer Institute tells how to do it right

Martedì, 15 Settembre 2015
Solar-Active-Houses heat themselves using heat collectors and water tanks. However, no one had conducted an objective assessment of how efficiently they do so. Fraunhofer researchers put some of these solar houses to the test, identified where there was room for improvement and laid the scientific groundwork for this housing concept.

Low-carbon cities are a US$17 trillion opportunity worldwide

Giovedì, 10 Settembre 2015
With complementary national policies such as support for low-carbon innovation, reduced fossil fuel subsidies, and carbon pricing, the savings could be as high as US$22 trillion.

A new low-cost LED that can be applied "like paint"

Lunedì, 7 Settembre 2015
A Florida State University engineering professor has developed a new highly efficient and low cost light emitting diode that could help spur more widespread adoption of the technology.

A Florida State University engineering professor has developed a new highly efficient and low cost light emitting diode that could help spur more widespread adoption of the technology.

Solar Cell Absorbs High-Energy Light at 30-fold Higher Concentration than Conventional Cells

Venerdì, 4 Settembre 2015
This breakthrough paves the way for the future development of low-cost solar cells that efficiently utilize the high-energy part of the solar spectrum.