SolarEdge: 'StorEdge Solution' is now internationally available

Giovedì, 14 Gennaio 2016
News dalle Aziende
The solution is based on a single inverter that manages and monitors solar energy generation, consumption, and storage.

Renewables in Europe, Middle East and China and Hanergy's projects for 2016 and beyond

Giovedì, 7 Gennaio 2016
News dalle Aziende
Hanergy is starting to execute its strategic plan for the coming years and will share some of the key points with QualEnergia.it.

Worldwide electricity production vulnerable to climate and water resource change

Giovedì, 7 Gennaio 2016
Climate change impacts on rivers and streams may substantially reduce electricity production capacity around the world. A new study calls for a greater focus on adaptation efforts in order to maintain future energy security.

Climate change impacts and associated changes in water resources could lead to reductions in electricity production capacity for more than 60% of the power plants worldwide from 2040-2069, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Yet adaptation measures focused on making power plants more efficient and flexible could mitigate much of the decline.

How to invest in distressed asset in the Italian renewable energy market

Giovedì, 3 Dicembre 2015
Marco Pistis, Francesca Bisaro ed Eleanor Fletcher
With the latest changes in the Italian bankruptcy laws, the acquisition of distressed assets from the companies has certain advantages for the investor. A small guide from Marco Pistis, Francesca Bisaro or Eleanor Fletcher, lawyers at Abbatescianni Studio Legale e Tributario.

FIRST KIT CAMPAIGN - L'offerta LOW COST di QualEnergia.it

Martedì, 1 Dicembre 2015
Con l'offerta FIRST KIT CAMPAIGN la tua Azienda può essere presente su QualEnergia.it. Con QualEnergia.it sarà più facile trovare la tua Azienda su internet e promuovere il tuo brand. Scopri come.


Biomethane development in southern Italy: potentiality and impacts

Venerdì, 27 Novembre 2015
Alessandro Marangoni
In southern regions of Italy biogas and biomethane development could also mean significant tax revenues, between 3.3 and 5 billion of €. from the whole impact, 52% comes from the production and biomethane grid injection, approximately 27% from transportation and the rest from electricity generation, penalized due to the incentives exhaustion.

Biomethane, potentialities for the industrial sector in view of the obligations 2020

Venerdì, 27 Novembre 2015
Maria Rosa Baroni-Merigo
Italy is the seventh country in the world for the number Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) and by far first in Europe, has the longest experience in using NG as fuel, and nowadays still is a global leader with nearly 65% of dealt technologies every year are coming from Italy. It is obvious the great interest of the industrial sector in biomethane.

Biomethane, the "italian natural gas". Energy and environment for our country

Venerdì, 27 Novembre 2015
Paolo Vettori e Roberto Tozzoli
One can not speak of biomethane today without refer to a reality already established, that of CNG, now recognized worldwide Compressed Natural Gas, used for light transport (vehicles), commercial vehicles and heavy transport (buses, refuse collection vehicles, fleets for heavy transport).

Upgrading, technology ready to use

Giovedì, 26 Novembre 2015
Carlo Pieroni e Lorenzo Maggioni
Over the last decade the upgrading of biogas to biomethane has become widespread in some countries. Currently biomethane is produced in 19 countries of which the 14 EU countries covers more than 70% of world production. State of the art and prospects of development of the biofuel in EU.

The Regulatory framework for the development of biogas and advanced biofuels

Giovedì, 26 Novembre 2015
Roberto Murano
The annual consumption of natural gas through the network amounted to 23,000 m3, but in Italy is constantly increasing also the use of natural gas for vehicles, an increasingly open market for biomethane made in Italy.